Exit Path

This page is made for everyone who is seeking to learn more about Exit Path. Some tricks will be explained, maybe coming with a video showing it in practice. Custom levels are made using YCK’s exit path which any motivated Exit Path player can join after playing for a while.



Double Jump: Double jumping is the fact of doing 2 jumps in a row on a wall where the game should allow you to only do one. This is the basis of most custom levels. There are 2 ways to do it: luck and 2.5. Of course, we’ll here watch 2.5, which is the effective way of doubling :P. To make a 2.5, you have to: First, you need flow. Then you need to touch the wall you want to double on. Then activate flow, turn back 2.5 blocks (no more, no less) and finally get back to the wall and jump. If you get the double jump, you’ll see your character in it’s running animation and you’ll be able to do your bonus jump.


Practice double jump: